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We are a registered charity thriving to help as many boxers in Australia as we can. We have no shelter as we believe no boxer should be locked up in a cage all day long. Instead we work with a network of foster carers so that our dogs can always stay with a family.

Team Members

Dagmar Scherer

More info about Dagmar

Having grown up with boxers I guess I can say I have a soft spot for the breed. Here in the picture with me you can see Gina, my soul mate (RIP darling, I will never forget you).

In 2002 my husband and I moved from Germany to Australia and as soon as we had permanent residency (and became Australians shortly after!) we could not wait any longer and live “dogless”, so I started looking for a rescue dog. It did not even occur to me to get a puppy from a breeder, I wanted to safe a life! In the last minute I got my Gina from death row and what an inspiration she was to our life! Two months later I found beautiful Julie and our little family was complete. Since then we had quite a few boxers living with us.

Seeing how hard it was to find our rescue boxers the idea of BRNA was born. First I started it as a platform to support rescues in promoting their boxers, but eventually the decision was made to start our own Boxer Rescue – but not just locally, if we are going to help Boxers in Australia we do it Nation wide!

It is A LOT of unpaid work, a lot of heart ache, stress and upset, but seeing a dog coming from a really bad situation and going to a loving home and watching the change in the dog is our payment – no money on earth can give you the same warm feeling as the big smile on a happy Boxer face who’s life has changed.

Niki Dibben
BRNA Team Member

More info about Niki

My name is Niki Dibben, and I live in the Illawarra region of NSW. I have one Boxer his name is Bosco and he is 6 and still a puppy at heart. I also have Penelope the Pug and they are best of friends.

I joined Boxer Rescue Network Australia 5 years ago after having a career break. I’m passionate about Rescue and about Boxers so thought why not join the together.

Dagmar and the team welcomed me and I haven’t looked back. I help BRNA on a daily basis run smoothly by keeping up with all paperwork and new surrenders, fund raising and much more. We are a small but dedicated team spread across different states of Australia.

Working in Rescue has its hard days but as a team we support each other and get through as there is always the next Boxer that needs us.


Katie O'Donnell and her boxer dog Parker

Katie O'Donnell
BRNA Team Member

More info about Katie

My name is Katie and I have two boxers, two kids and two jobs! Life is hectic but in the best way.

We live on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland. My boxers are Parker (pictured) who is 10 and a distinguished old boy, and then my baby girl Rosie who just turned 2.

I joined BRNA in 2022 and it has been an eye opening experience! I mostly do jobs relating to setting incoming dogs up in our various portals and getting certificates and histories from vets. I also do the Facebook posts for all those beautiful doggos looking for new homes.

I absolutely love this opportunity to work with a rescue that does such great work.

Our history

The beginnings

Our story began with Dagmar’s desire to get a boxer into the family again, many years after her beloved Molli had passed away. She wanted to get a rescue boxer instead of a puppy from a breeder.

Finding a boxer turned out to be a challenge and the seed was planted to create a platform where boxer enthusiasts could find their beloved breed.

Then in November 2012 Boxer Rescue Network Australia started on Facebook as a platform promoting boxers in need with rescue organisations and pounds anywhere in Australia and to help them to find a new loving home.

From a simple platform, our Boxer Rescue Network Australia grew over the years considerably, and so did the boxer loving community following Boxer Rescue Network Australia on Facebook.


A new chapter

Driven by the aspiration to provide our boxers the best support and the best veterinary care Dagmar, Claire and Thomas in mid-2017 decided to take BRNA to the next level and to become a rescue organisation in its own rights, the only Australia wide boxer rescue.

In July 2017 the rescue organisation set up was completed and a new era started with our first rescue boxer Ziggy. Since then, we have been able to help many more boxers to find a loving forever home and will continue our commitment to our boxers into the future.

We have no shelters; all our boxers are with lovely foster families as they should be. Our team works tireless to keep it all happening and to organise whatever is needed.

Being volunteers means we are sacrificing a lot of our time, but every boxer rescued and helped to find a new home is worth it!

Boxer Rescue Network Australia – dedicated to our boxers.

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