This page shows some examples of where we go the extra mile to make our beloved boxers smile again.

Thanks to your support and your donations we can provide these boxers the necessary additional veterinary treatment which our adoption fee could hardly cover.

Dewey’s Journey: A Tale of Resilience


In March 2023, a young boxer named Dewey found himself in our rescue. He was a mere 10 months old, yet already in his fourth home, a fact that immediately raised questions about his past. Upon his arrival, it became apparent why Dewey had been moved from place to place. Despite his sweet nature, he was noticeably underweight and lacked energy. His medical condition was soon uncovered—a debilitating case of explosive diarrhoea, occasionally tinged with blood, which had rendered him unwelcome inside his previous homes.

Determined to help Dewey, BRNA promptly sought veterinary care. Initial efforts involved a bland diet and a medication called prokolin, but the results were far from encouraging. In just a single weekend, Dewey shed a staggering 900 grams in weight.

Returning to the veterinarian, they decided to send a fecal sample to the laboratory, aiming to identify potential culprits like parasites, giardia, or campylobacter. Dewey was also introduced to weekly vitamin B injections, transitioning from a chicken and rice diet to Primeroll, complemented with Synbiotic, a probiotic supplement.

Dewey was put on Tylosin, since the laboratory results indicated a campylobacter infection was the source of his suffering. May saw another significant dietary change as per the vet’s recommendation, switching to a hypo-allergenic diet.

Post-Tylosin treatment, a follow-up fecal sample was sent to the laboratory, revealing no traces of campylobacter. However, Dewey’s digestive troubles persisted. In an effort to find a solution, the vet suggested the use of CBD and the addition of Slippery Elm Bark and Psyllium Husk to his regimen. Still, there was no significant improvement.

Faced with this ongoing challenge, the decision was made to run a comprehensive blood test and commence a course of Metronidazole. Fortunately, the blood work came back within normal ranges. The Metronidazole again did not change anything.

Ultimately, BRNA scheduled Dewey for a scope (colonoscopy) with a Veterinary Specialist, and it was during this procedure that a breakthrough was achieved. Dewey was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis, a condition often referred to as Boxer colitis.

With the newfound knowledge of Dewey’s condition, the specialist sent tissue samples to a specialized laboratory to pinpoint the most suitable antibiotic treatment. Dewey began a 10-week course of Enrofloxacin, and for the first time in his young life, he is now experiencing solid bowel movements! His energy levels soared, and he transformed into a joyous, contented canine companion.

This heartwarming story underscores the unwavering dedication of Dewey’s foster family, who never wavered despite the challenges of dealing with his condition. In the end, all our persistence paid off, and Dewey can now look forward to a perfectly normal life filled with love and happiness.

Collection of photos of Buddha

Case Study Buddha 11yo

Buddha first came to the RSPCA as an 11 year old stray.

She was underweight, had dental disease and a variety of lumps and bumps. Some of the lumps were removed and confirmed to be mast cell tumours. Fortunately a chest x-ray showed no spread of tumours to the lungs.

BRNA took on this lovely and sweet-natured girl. A further vet check recommended to remove suspicious masses on her belly and to remove a diseased tooth.

The masses were found to be mammary gland cancers. Unfortunately she developed a serona which required a drain and numerous visits to the vet until the wound was fulled healed.

After several weeks of recovery, Buddha is now a happy senior. She is at a healty weight, mobile (even doing play bows and daily zoomies) and loves her treats and cuddles.

The cost of the treatments accumulated to over $2100.

Case study Tilly 7y

Tilly came to BRNA with her loyal follower Tolitdo.

She had a serious ear infection which needed attention and the vet check revealed that she had a lump which raise some concerns.

Futhermore, one tooth had to be removed. The tooth was tackled during the lump surgery.

All went well initially but shortly after the procedure Tilly developed a seroma. The seroma was drained but dragged out the healing process.

Although the healing process took a little longer, Tilly fully recovered and soon was herself again and keen to explore the surroundings again with her buddy Tolitdo.

The cost for the treatment accumulated to over $1000.

A collection of photos of Tilly
A collection of photos of Kaos

Case study Kaos 9y

Kaos is an older and well-behaved gentleman.

At his age, as expected, the vet noticed a few health issues which needed attention.

He had an advanced ear infection, a growth on his eyelid which irritated his dry eye, a lump, an undescended testicle and his teeth would benefit from a polish.

All the treatment could be done in one surgery. He took all that like a real gentleman.

Although Kaos will forever suffer from dry eye and recurrent ear infections needing regular drops for both conditions, he enjoys life, walks and playtime and proudly shows his new shiny smile to everyone.

The cost for treatment accumulated to over $1500.

Case study Ella 1.5y

Ella was surrendered together with Jackson, her male boxer companion. Both were not in the best condition.

It quickly became obvious that Ella was pregnant. A US check confirmed that she was about halfway through the pregnancy, which changed the plans.

Unfortunately she experienced complications and as another US scan revealed, two of the pups were dead. Soon afterwards she pushed them out. We decided for another US scan, which confirmed the worst – all other pups had also died, causing a serious infection of her uterus. She needed emergency surgery to remove the deceased pups and the infected uterus.

Although Ella was exhausted from the pregnancy and the surgery, she did well and made a fast and full recovery. Now she is a happy girl again and enjoys playing with buddy Jackson as before.

The cost for the treatment accumulated to over $2500.

A collection of photos of Ella
A collection of photos of Bailee

Case study Bailee 7y

Bailee came to BRNA as a happy girl.

During the initial observations, we noticed a light limping, so we brought her to the chiro to have her checked out. Apparently, she experienced a muscle injury early in her life which left some scarring and weaknesses. This injury and some arthritis were the cause of her limp.

The vet check also identified a signficant epuli growth, which at times was bleeding, and a grade 1 dental disease.

As the size of the epuli and the condition of the teeth raised concerns, Bailee underwent a dental treatment, during which the epuli growth was removed at the same time.

Now Bailee can enjoy her treats without bleeding, and she is now an even happier and more excited pup.

The cost of the treatments accumulated to almost $1000.

Case study Shooter 12y

Shooter landed as a stray in the pound, together with his dachshund companion. His pal got adopted quickly but, being a senior boxer with obvious issues, he found nobody to adopt him from the pound.

Due to his situation, the pound got in touch with BRNA and it was clear for the team to give lovely Shooter another chance.

Shooter had an oozing growth on his cheek, which looked nasty, and one increased testicle which was of concern. The vet confirmed the malignant nature of the serious growths. Beside the nasties, he had a few benign cysts.

Despite his age, Shooter was in good nick and, after consultation with the vet, we decided to remove the growth on the cheek and the testicle. The surgery confirmed the cancerous condition of the lumps. Although he hated the cone he got after surgery, he is nowa happy old boy and dearly loved by his new family.

The cost of the treatment accumulated to over $1000.

A collection of photos of Shooter
Collection of images of Danny

Case study Danny 5y

When Danny came to BRNA all seemed to be alright and he only needed the standard health check and desexing.

However, the initial check revealed that one testicle did not drop and was still in his abdomen. Besides this complication, Danny suffered a string of other issues including a few lumps which turned out to be mast cell tumours. This situation required a more invasive surgery to find the missing testicle. While under anesthesia the vet would also remove the lumps. This was the plan and the vet allocated extra time to cover all the procedures.

Yet, during the surgery and the search for the missing testicle, the vet discovered a lesion on Danny’s bladder which needed urgent attention. The originally unlucky situation turned out to be Danny’s very lucky moment. This weakness could have resulted in a spontaneous rupture at any time.

Being a bouncy boxer, he could not stay calm and mangaged to open some of his stitches. Therefore, Danny had to go back to the vet for restitching, this time with heavy grade threads. He remained under observation with the vet for a few days to ensure speedy and full recovery.

The cost for the treatment accumulated to over $2000.

Case study Evie 2y

It was Christmas Eve 2018 when Evie came to BRNA. She was surrendered to the vet in the morning to put her to sleep. She had suffered a massive vaginal prolapse which needed instant surgery. Although she was very young, she already had litters. Thanks to our network of vets, we managed to get the surgery the very same day. She recovered well with the support and lots of TLC from her foster carer.

However, soon after Evie got off the pain killers, she started to limp on her front legs and was distressed. Visits to the chiro and the x-ray examinations could not provide any answers. A visit to the specialist vet finally identified the reason for her limping. Evie had significant dysplasia in both elbows and to help her enjoy a normal lifer, she needed specialist surgery on both elbows.

During the arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) the specialist removed several parts of the deformed and broken off cartilage. Afterwards, she had to be kept quite for several weeks to allow the elbows to heal. This was followed by several weeks of gentle walking, physio and hydrotherapy before she could let her energy out again. Now she is a happy pup again, enjoying life to the fullest.

Thanks to all BRNA supporters, we could give Evie the treatment 470she needed and deserved, which accumulated to over $4700.

A collection of photos of Evie
Collection of photos of Jake

Case study Jake 10y

Jake came to us with a few lumps and the vet confirmed that the lumps were all mast cell tumours. Furthermore, Jake had significant epuli growth on his gums which need attention, and he was still intact.

To assess his overall health condition and to decide whether surgery would stil benefit, the vet did a full blood test and performed ultrasound checks to ensure the mast cell tumours had not already spread into vital organs.

With the results all showing no findings and Jake still being an active fellow, we decided for surgery.

With the removed lumps and the epuli growth, his quality of life has improved, and he is enjoying life to the full with his partner Bella.

The cost for the treatment accumulated to over $1400.


Case study Bonnie 8y

Treatment: entropion surgery to remove ingrown eyelashes.

Bonnie is once again looking into a bright future without the annoying irritation to her eyes and enjoys life to the full again.

Sox and Max

Case study Sox 11y

Treatment included tests and surgery to:

  • address age related issues
  • remove a MCT on the front leg
  • remove a lump on eyelid

Sox was given to the vet to put her to sleep but was passed on to BRNA.

She now enjoys the sun with her beloved new family and their rescue boxer Max.


Case study Shelby 8y

Treatment included specialist procedure to:

  • manage several corneal eye ulcers in both eyes
  • undergo burr keratotomy

After a long journey, her eyes finally healed fully and she is now a happy and very active girl enjoying painfree eye sight.


Case study Ella 10y

Treatment included surgery to:

  • remove a MCT on her chest
  • remove tartar from teeth
  • treat osteoarthritis

Ella recovered quickly from her surgery and is doing fine now.

She enjoys her cuddles and being with her new family.


Case study Daisy 10y

Treatment included major surgery to:

  • remove a significant amount of excess gum tissue
  • extract several decayed teeth
  • remove several mast cell tumours

Daisy is now a happy old lady who has almost become a youngster again.

She now enjoys her food and can even play tug of war again.


Case study Muhammed 9y

Muhammed came from the pounds as a case of severe neglect. He was riddled with fleas and his whole body was covered with infected sores.

Treatment included:

  • to remove one tooth and dental cleaning
  • treatment of several deep tissue skin ulcers

Muhammed feels reborn. His skin has healed nicely and his teeth are in good shape again.

Case study Mason 8y

Treatment included surgery to remove a lump on his back.

Mason recovered quickly from his surgery and was happy to walk around in the backyard with his partner Mia again.


Case study Brutus 4y

Treatment included a specialist consultation to check his heart condition included an ECG.

During an initial health check the vet diagnosed a heart condition. To understand the depth of his condition, Brutus underwent special heart checks including an ECG.

He is now on medication to make sure he can live a normal life.

Case study Indie 9y

Treatment included major surgery to remove three large mast cell tumours from neck, armpit and hind leg.

Indie is now enjoying her life with a big smile and without the annoying lumps.


Case study Red 4y

Red’s tail never stops wagging like crazy, which resulted in severe damage to its end.

The end of the tail had to be amputated in a surgery, but Red kept on banging his tail, and in a second surgery, another section had to be removed.

Now Red is a happy boy again with his wiggly bum never still.


Case study Brandi 7y

Treatment included surgery to remove a significant epuli lump from her gums.

Brandi can now enjoy chewing on bones again without the annoying lump in the way.

She can now give you a new bright smile.


Case study Charlie 8y

Treatment included a chiro session to:

  • address limping in hind leg
  • treat back issues

With his back and pelvis aligned again, Charlie is even bouncier than before.

He loves to play with the kids even more now that he is pain free.

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