Fostering a dog is a very rewarding experience and it gives dogs the chance to live in a home instead of a kennel until they can go to their forever home. As a foster carer you play a vital role in the rescue process.

We ask that you read the Agreement thoroughly and understand all the terms and conditions prior to signing. Please initial and sign where instructed, using your mouse or touchpad/screen.

We require a copy of your current Driver’s Licence, both front and back for proof of residence. Please attach this where prompted.

Please ensure that you understand the information regarding the arrangements if the dog you are fostering requires vet treatment and add your initials to agree. If you do not understand, feel free to get in contact with us for clarification.

Before completing the form, you are required to watch the video on this page for information about what is involved in fostering a dog for BRNA.

Foster Carer Agreement

Thank you for your interest in fostering a dog for BRNA. Before you complete this form, please watch the video above for information about what is involved in fostering a dog for BRNA.

Foster Carer Personal Details

If you are attaching 2 files, please select both of them at the same time by holding down the Ctrl key and selecting both files. After you have attached the files, you should see 2 files in the preview box.

Standard Conditions of this Agreement:

  1. I am 18 years of age or older and have read, understood and agreed to the terms below.
  2. I understand and agree to foster the dog described above until a forever home has been found.
  3. I understand and I am aware that only limited information about the dog’s behaviour and health condition is known and some might not be accurate. Therefore, I am aware of potential risks and this does not alter my duty of care.
  4. I confirm that I have prior experience in handling and caring for dogs.
  5. I understand and agree that during the foster care all liabilities and responsibilities for the dog rest solely with me as the foster carer. BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA shall have no liability and shall not pay for any damages caused by the foster dog under any circumstances while in foster care.
  6. I understand and agree that when outside my property I must take all reasonable care to ensure that children (other than the foster carer’s own children) are prohibited from patting or coming close to the foster dog.
  7. I understand and agree to care for this dog in a responsible and humane manner as a family pet/animal companion and that this dog will receive clean adequate shelter, appropriate food and clean water. The foster dog will be allowed to sleep inside on appropriate bedding and will be sufficiently exercised.
  8. The information I have provided to BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA as to the property on which the dog is to be housed and my ability to maintain the dog in proper health is true and not misleading in any way.
  9. I understand and agree not to house the dog at an alternative location or pass the dog into the care of another person, without the written consent of BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA.
  10. I understand and agree that BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA may before or during the fostering period inspect the property on which the dog is to be housed to ensure the dog’s safety and security and that as a result of this inspection I may be requested by BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA to return the dog. I agree to return the dog on request by BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA at a mutually convenient time and place.
  11. I understand and will ensure that the foster dog shall at all times wear a collar with an identification tag attached.
  12. I understand that I need to return any missed phone calls made by BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA representatives as soon as practical and in any event within a 24-hour period.
  13. I will provide BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA with photos of the foster dog to use to promote adoption and I assign any copyrights in the photos to BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA.
  14. I understand and agree not to walk the dog for the first week after arrival and keep the environment at home nice and calm to give the dog a chance to settle.
  15. I will not feed any bones to the dog in foster care.
  16. I understand and agree that while the dog is in my foster care the dog must NOT be outside the secure property without collar and on lead at all times. Dog parks are off limits.
Please ensure all of the signature is visible.
Signature is required.
  1. I understand and agree to attend all veterinary appointments arranged by BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA at the appointment time. If you cannot make the appointment time you must provide us with 24 hours’ notice. Failure to attend scheduled veterinary appointments shall be deemed a breach of the Foster Carer Agreement.
  2. BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA is the legal owner of the dog you are fostering. BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA reserves the right at any time during the foster period, for any reason whatsoever to request the return of the dog in your care. Where a request for return is made you agree to return the dog promptly.


  1. I understand that all day-to-day costs associated with the care of the foster dog such as food, treats, toys, etc. are my responsibility and that I bear the cost during the time the dog is in my foster care. This is part of my contribution to provide an innocent animal a second chance.
  2. I agree to provide regular updates (at least once a week) to BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA on the well-being and status of the dog including behavioural observations by phone and/or email.
  3. I agree to contact BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA immediately but in any event within 24-hour period if the dog is sick, injured, has issues in settling in or was involved in any events.
  4. I agree to advise BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA in time if I require any short-term assistance to temporarily rehouse the foster dog due to unforeseen events, planned holidays, or other events.

Once BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA decides the foster dog can be made available for adoption:

  1. You will be contacted when BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA receives adoption enquiries about the dog.
  2. I agree to make the dog promptly available for inspection at a mutually agreeable time and location, and I agree to actively participate in meet and greets between my foster dog, the potential adopter and their other animals (if any).
  3. I agree, if I wish to adopt the dog in my care that I need to formally apply, and if approved, will pay the stated adoption fee.
  1. I agree to return the dog to BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA upon request within the advised time frame.
  2. If during the fostering period, I feel the dog is unsuitable for any reason I will contact BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA and arrange a mutually convenient time to return the dog to BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA. I understand that it takes time to find another foster carer and will work with BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA and not expect the dog to be moved immediately.

Information for foster carers regarding vet appointments


  • Select the vet and book the appointment with the vet.
  • Advise the foster carer about the arrangement with the vet.
  • Discuss the necessary treatment.
  • Send email with approved treatment to vet and foster carer prior to appointment.
  • Discuss and approve any further treatments while the dog is at vet.
  • Pay the vet.
  • Receives the documents.


  • Treat the dog as per approved treatments only unless approved by BRNA Dagmar.
  • Call BRNA Dagmar to discuss results and get approval for any other necessary treatment which may come up as a result of the health check or procedure.
  • Send all paperwork to BRNA (email or post).

Foster Carer

  • Advise BRNA Dagmar on any changes to the appointment if necessary.
  • Take a copy of the vet email to the appointment in order to ensure that all items are being done. Do not rely on the vet having read the email and to carry out all items.
  •  Advise the vet to send any documentation to BRNA directly as per email instructions.
  • Provide feedback on the vet appointment to BRNA afterwards.

BRNA takes care of any medication for flea/tick, worming, heartworm for all dogs in our care and therefore no testing and no additional treatment is required. The foster carer shall decline any such offers from vets.

Please ensure all of the signature is visible.
Signature is required.


All dogs remain the property of BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA.

BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA has agreements for rescue rates with affiliated vets and trainers. If the dog requires veterinary treatment you need to bring the foster dog to one of our affiliated vets. BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA pays for the treatment at these vets. In case you decide to take the dog to a non-affiliated vet you will be responsible for the total vet costs. See above Information for vet visits.

Any training requirements need to be approved by BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA.

By signing this agreement, I certify that all statements made by me on this foster agreement are true and correct.

Signature is required.
Please ensure all of the signature is visible.

By submitting this form, you are declaring you understand that you are entering into an enforceable agreement, and that your electronic signature can be used to show you have accepted the terms laid out in this Foster Carer Agreement.

If you have trouble submitting the form and all fields are completed, please reset the signature fields and ensure that the entire signature is visible in the signature block.