Spencer the Crinkle Monkey (Large)


Spencer the Crinkle Monkey

Get your pooch to monkey around with Spencer the Crinkle Monkey! With crinkle material in his limbs, Spencer loves making crinkling sounds for your dog. He also stores a Blaster Squeaker and rattle inside his body to give your fun-loving, curious canine all the entertainment he or she wants in one toy. Spencer comes in a warm brown colour and in a large size for more cuddly fun. All dogs can claim Spencer as their best friend!


  • Size: Large

◦      Total length: 43cm

◦      Body Dimensions: 10cm (h) x 10cm (w) x 20cm (l)

  • Weight: 122 grams
  • Colour: Brown
  • Spencer’s body contains 1 Blaster Squeaker, 1 rattle, and crinkle material in his limbs
  • Stuffed body and long limbs
  • Flexible and floppy limbs
  • Can handle some rough play
  • Suited for dogs of all sizes


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Spencer the Crinkle Monkey (Large)


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