Surrender Process Guide

You need to re-home your dog and  have decided to surrender your dog to Boxer Rescue Network Australia. This guide gives you an overview of the process and what information and documentation is required to have ready.

Max 3 photos. jpg, jpeg, png file extension allowed.
Brief information about the dog, likes/dislikes, etc.

Once we agree to take the dog we will send you

  • Our surrender form and
  • Change of ownership form

When you return the filled in forms you should also submit

  • Desex certificate, if applicable
  • Medical history from your vet or your dog’s vet contact details
  • Vaccination certificates, if available

If the microchip registration is not in your name, you need to get the legal owner to sign the change of ownership form.

Every surrender dog will be placed into foster care. Finding the right foster carer can take several weeks as BRNA manages tens of dogs at any given time.

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