Training the recall – Part 1

Boxer dog running in field with words "Training tips to ensure you dog has a good recall every time"

For the purpose of this exercise our dog will be referred to as Rover.

The recall is one of the most important exercises we can teach our dogs. Dogs can be unpredictable and even the most well trained dogs will at times forget to listen, so lets work on having our dog listen to us under any and all circumstances. Below are my tips for getting your dog to return to you when called every time.

We must always remember that whenever we call our dog and they come to us we must praise them. If we call them and they come and we tell them off they will not come to us again when called. If you come home from work and your dog is eating your $500 pair of shoes and you say Rover come and he comes, guess what, he is a good dog. Why is he a good dog? Because he came when called.

Where do we begin. We begin our training where there is the least amount of distractions, our home.

We are going to start by having our treat for our dog and play the recall game in the house. Have two people and stand a bit apart and say Rover come in a happy tone. Have Rover run back and forth and each time he runs to the other person he gets a treat. Extend the distance between the two people until one of you can hide and then say Rover come and when he finds you treat and reward. The recall game is the start of Rover coming when called no matter what the situation is or if there are a lot of distractions.

Practice this at home and in the next few days we will post part two of how to have the perfect recall every time.